Adventure Trail

It is located in the heart of the forest of Villette, in the beautiful valley of Tarentaise.
Installed at about 5 to 10 meters above the ground, you will be able to test your agility on the 60 workshops. The staff is entirely composed of Mountain Guides. Qualified, attentive and very friendly, you will be able to spend a great time with family or friends.

Aime Adventure is composed of 5 different courses:

The green course offers an introduction to the hook-and-branch activities.
The blue course is no longer an initiation course because things start to get tougher (i.e moving ladders) : you will have to use all your agility to be able to pass them with brilliance.
The red course which is actually a “deviation” inside the blue course.
The black course will put your audacity and energy to the test. Jump into a net while being hooked to a creeper like Tarzan, and more !
The valley of the Lutins: path that the children can discover in order to become true adventurers. An itinerary specially dedicated to children.

SCM Adventure Trail
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